These high level artistic finishes take the highest degree of education, skill and experience, as well as a trained eye for design and color.  Classic, versatile venetian and decorative plasters as well as stenciling, crystals, bricks, foils and leaf make the possibilities as limitless as your imagination.  A visit to our studio to see (and touch) some of these showstoppers in person is well worth the trip!

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venetian and decorative plasters

Plasters have been used to finish walls for centuries, and in recent years have been taken to levels never imagined before.  A true Venetian Plaster is derived from putty made from fired limestone combined with water, mixed to form a plaster.  When that lime plaster is applied to walls and air dries, the mixture turns back into limestone. So you are quite literally putting stone on your walls.  It is a highly advanced technique with skills that take years to hone.  This strong and beautiful finish has endured the test of time.

Today, plasters come from both lime and synthetic bases.  We can render these in incredibly unique, artistic and durable finishes both smooth and with amazing texture.  Last, there is no doubt a growing focus on bringing natural elements inside the home, and plasters of all types fit the bill perfectly.  

stenciling, crystals, bricks, foils and leaf

The fundamental styles of traditional stenciling with paint and glazes will always have a place in our hearts and homes.  The possibilities with metallic foils, raised motif, bas relief and faux brick are endless.  This includes advanced applications such as plastering through lace, glass beads and gold leaf.  You have simply never seen finishes like this before.  Top it all off with original Swarovski crystals, and your imagination can soar quite literally to the sky.