Jill Hayden is our Production and Design Director, with over 20 years of experience in the Decorative Arts.  Her skills are diverse, of the highest caliber and is one of the most acclaimed of any artist in this field.  She will be your point person in collaboration, preparation, execution and completion of your decorative finishing project.  From start to finish, you are in the very best hands in the industry.


Faux Time Design goes back over two decades.  We began in powder rooms with glazes and simple stencils.  Year after year we elevated our education, learned and applied new talents in the field, and ended up on 25 foot scaffolds applying award winning Royal Design Studio Modello designs on ceilings, rendering bas relief plaster and other finishes at the most prestigious Showhouses in New Jersey, and yes….filming one of our original designs on reality TV.  We love every single minute of it…and sometimes look back and are amazed at the stories we have to tell.  The field of decorative painting has evolved greatly over the years, and we have kept up every step of the way.  Our artists are educated in the most highly advanced techniques and materials available, and are constantly leveling up education on the latest and greatest trends.  You will not find a decorative painting company with greater attention to detail and respect for our clients than Faux Time Design. 

Our showroom in Hillsdale, New Jersey houses literally hundreds of samples of our finest work, and a studio to prepare custom designs for our discerning clients based on their personal taste, style and decor.  Browsing our galleries here will give you some direction as to what you may like and be interested in for your project.  It has been our experience, that there is nothing like seeing, touching and feeling the finishes for yourself. An in-person consultation will allow you the luxury of really appreciating the true complexity, artistry and detail involved.  Above all, we feel wholeheartedly that our individual spaces are the most sacred depictions of our personal identity, and it is our goal for you to feel truly represented and love your surroundings.