Vegan Design

Vegan Design

One of the interior design trends that has gained a lot of attention recently is called VEGAN DESIGN. So, what is it anyway? Quite simply — Vegan Design is simply the use of sustainable and vegan materials in interior design.  With an estimated 2% to 6% of the American population thought to be vegan, using the same vegan philosophy in decorating a home or workplace is the natural next step and has so many possibilities. Think Protein leather (aka ‘pleather’), synthetic leather, or seat coverings made form recycled plastic bottles to replace luxury leather seats.

A quick look around the industry and evident of vegan design is everywhere.  In July, PETA announced its first annual ‘Vegan Homeware Awards’   Bentley, Jaguar and Tesla are all offering vegan interiors. And a new ‘Certified Cruelty Free’ Trademark can be obtained by companies such as that offer a specific service or practice that does not originate from any living creature.  This important distinction is being sought be service companies such as interior designers,aestheticians and architects.

“Home is where the heart is – and compassionate consumers are driving the demand for beautiful vegan homeware,” said PETA director Elisa Allen, “Forward-thinking designers are experimenting with sustainable and cutting-edge vegan materials and offering a great variety of cruelty-free choices to suit every home and budget.”

Faux Time Design has always been a strong proponent of organic and low VOC product utilization in our finishes, which dovetails beautifully into the vegan philosophy.  For example, in lieu of silk fabric, (made from the cocoons and larvae of the mulberry silkworm), we have created a stunning wall finish that looks and feels just like stretched silk.  Love the look of leather?  We have been rendering a faux leather finish on headboards and tables for years!  Come stop by our designer showroom and you will be in awe of our faux snakeskin as well as au courant animal inspired designs, revitalized through the application of gold leaf, metallic pigment and layered plasters.  We have numerous options to satisfy your desire for organic design with cruelty free values!