Transforming a Flat Ceiling into a DOME

You’ve heard us talk about it before — the ‘5th Wall’ – the ceiling. So what makes it so special? Yes, its on a different plane than the rest of the walls…. Yes, it’s often the largest ‘wall’ in the entire room. That’s obvious.

What makes it special is what YOU do with it. You can take a simple approach and just paint it a color that coordinates with the rest of your room décor. And sometimes that works wonderful. However, in the case of this particular ceiling — it was calling for something unique.

It was a flat ceiling in a stunning foyer with a massive chandelier. Our recommendation was the ‘Starburst’ finish. A stunning trompe l’oeil finish that created the look of depth and dimension using several layers of paints and glazes. Trompe L’oeil is a visual illusion in art, a ‘trick of the eye’ to create the illusion of a three-dimensional object using paint detailing.

The end result was stunning… don’t you agree?