Setting up your DIY Paint Project

diy painting coupleOK, we get it.  It’s another 3-day weekend and your determined that THIS IS IT!  This is the weekend that you will conquer that painting project you’ve been putting off for weeks.  SO…. HOW?

First things first — MAKE YOUR LIST of supplies and SET UP your job site.  Don’t take everything down each evening — just get everything ready to go so you can tackle your project and get the optimum number of hours in each day on your project.

So… what do you need?  Here is a list of supplies to set up your DIY paint job:


Painter’s Tape


Small Paint Bucket for Trim
Drop Cloths — plastic and canvas
Glass Jars or Metal Containers for Clean-up
Paint Brushes
Plastic Putty Knife
Roller Covers and Frame
Roller Extension Pole
Safety Glasses
Wire or Nylon Brush
Work Gloves

** Make certain to get the right paint finish (Chalk Paint, matte, eggshell, etc) and color ahead of time.  This is NOT the time to test colors — you should have your ‘Paint Strategy’ ready to go!  QUESTIONS?  Drop by the studio anytime and we will be happy to give some guidance.

Or check out this great ‘HOW TO PAINT A ROOM’ tutorial from Lowe’s —