Meet the Artist Monday – Jill Hayden

Meet the Artist jill Bio Pic

We are launching a new series today called ‘Meet the Artist Monday’ where we will be featuring the incredible artists at Faux Time Design.  So, let’s start with Jill Hayden, Production Manager and Decorative Artist. She was trained in the decorative arts in California and began her own business in Beverly Hills. After moving to the East coast, Jill rejoined the decorative painting industry and has been working at Faux Time Design since its inception in 2005. She loves working with stencils and textural finishes and is passionate about attention to detail. We affectionately call her ‘The Finisher’ as she is often the last on the job going over everything with a fine toothcomb! A crafter at heart, Jill often has a dozen projects at home ‘in progress.’ She also has two adorable daughters and a talented architect husband. Jill spends her weekends and evenings driving between dance studios and soccer games. Can we get a Woot! Woot! for Jill?

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