Haunted Dining Room…The Story

Yesterday I posted several photos from a project we recently completed and today I thought I would give some background information on this project.

The homeowner wanted to create a ‘haunted’ dining room.  And yes, the dining room is truly ‘haunted’ as you will see in future YouTube posts.  Thanks to his audio and visual specialists, the pictures on the back wall reveal torsos that talk to the diners (think Disney’s Haunted Mansion) and the center mirror is actually not a mirror at all, but rather a TV that displays our host for the evening (think Shrek’s magic mirror).  The entire ‘experience’ is awesome.  We’ve worked with this client in the past to create a downtown Bourbon street scene in his basement, so working with him on this unique project was great!

So, what was Faux Time Design’s role?  We added the finishing touch by rendering beautiful finishes top to bottom in this room!  It began on the dome as we created beautifully movement with several layers of a product called Palette Deco, then we gold leafed the outside edge and created additional dimension with several layers of glaze on the exterior part of the dome.  In the coffer ceiling, we used a special Iron paint on the crown molding and applied an activator to create a rust effect. 

The walls were a big surprise!   We rendered an allover stencil pattern over a beautiful crimson red glaze finish that at first glaze looks like an elegant background to a dining room, but then upon closer examination you find yourself looking in the eyes of terror!! 🙂  Working with Modello Designs, I customized a stencil that has a hidden skeleton head and several ghoulish creatures hidden within it. We complemented the finish with a glaze below the chair rail and applied the same iron patina finish on all the molding.

On the built in cabinetry, we rendered a Shimmer rust finish. This was one of my favorite finishes in the entire room!  Using a architectural textured coating called Shimmerstone as well as the iron paint and activator, we created the look of an antique buffet that had received a number of layers of paints over the years.

And not to missed are the two mirrors that we completed refinished.  Special thanks to our friend Laura DeAngelis of LaDecor who stepped in for a couple of days and painted the cherub faces on the mirrors.

This was certainly one of those projects for the record books!  We can’t wait for the next project with this innovative and imaginative client.