Our finishes are masterfully rendered on any surface, including walls, ceilings, floors and moldings. Ranging from simple to dramatic, our artistry creates a sense of warmth and elegance that is thoughtfully designed for each individual space.


From the initial consultation and throughout the entire project, our clients always receive personalized service, regardless if we are painting a small powder room or a twelve bedroom mansion.  This philosophy creates a level of trust and assurance that is unparalleled in the decorative painting business.

Specializing in unique Faux Finishes, Creative Murals & Fine Decorative Painting,

we will transform your home or business into a personalized work of art.

Meet the Faux Time Design team

Professional and Dedicated Support Staff
Angela Schuster
Owner & Creative Director

Angela’s journey into the world of decorative painting has been both a personal transformation and professional elation. With a degree in marketing and public relations, Angela spent the first part of her professional life in corporate America – creating marketing campaigns, managing trade shows, writing business plans and press releases, and facilitating business process meetings. It took several years for Angela to finally give in to her artistic calling and launch Faux Time Design. Always a believer in education, Angela began taking formal Interior Design courses and studying with some of the most renowned master artists in the decorative arts industry today. In the process, she discovered a passion for creating unique textured and multi-dimensional finishes. She personally works with each client to help them take an idea, develop a vision and watch as their decorating dreams come true.

Doris Acosta
Showroom Manager and Decorative Artist

Doris has always had an interest in art and design.   While Doris worked for  an apparel company which designed, sourced and distributed a broad line of apparel worldwide, she desired a more artistic outlet.  After leaving the corporate world, she decided to take formal faux painting and design classes.  There she learned proper skills and techniques to create painted finishes that fulfilled her passion.  After successfully completing her courses, she searched for a way to use her skills professionally.  She found Faux Time Design and has since been transforming walls into works of art.

Jill Hayden
Production Manager and Decorative Artist

Jill has an exquisite eye for textured effects, creative ideas and exceptional techniques. These talents are part of what she brings with her to the business. Trained in California, she began her own business in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas. After moving to the East coast, Jill decided to restart her professional life in the teaching field, patiently helping students find their creative souls. The passion for the decorative painting business, which began years earlier, started coming back when experimenting with more techniques on canvases and with extensive wall work. Finally, she has returned to her first love, art, and now puts her wonderful and patient talents back in the decorative painting industry.

Laura DeAngelis
Project Manager

Laura DeAngelis began her career as a decorative artist over 20 years ago, originally studying oil on canvas commissions under the supervision of Milton Patterson in Hawthorne, NJ.  She furthered her education to include professional faux finishing techniques at Dundean Studios with world renowned artist Dean Sickler and award winning IDAL instructor Laurie Spagnolia.  After falling in love with the decorative arts, she committed herself to a career in the field and continued on to complete the comprehensive Faux Effects International Designer Wall Finishes course under Robert Marx at the Finishing School in Florham Park, NY.  Laura is recognized for her strengths in colorizing, mural work and transitional design.  She came on board Faux Time Design in 2007 and has proven her accolades in rendering complex finishes and team supervision to be promoted to Project Manager in July of 2014.