Industry News: A LOFTy experience

Rebranding has become the new design strategy for many retailers in an attempt to draw in clients and counter the ‘Amazon’ effect. We were thrilled to be asked to participate in one of those stories.
A few weeks ago, we were contacted by the interior design team at the New York regional office of LOFT®, the women’s retail boutique. They were beginning the process of a rebranding strategy and intended to kick-off the first store right here at the Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ.
The interior design team created a unique ‘story’ for their consumers from the moment they entered the store. Each step was carefully crafted to entice the ‘loftiness’ of each potential consumer. Big bold patterns with a sophisticated palette set the tone for this incredible make-over.
And what role did Faux Time Design play? We were asked to render one of our hand-painted floor designs!
We worked with the interior design team to layout the exact dimensions and design elements. Then, working with our Benjamin Moore representative, we selected products that were waterborne and would dry quickly (as we had only 72 hours to complete the entire project) WHILE providing excellent durability as the floor was to be rendered in the Spa inspired like dressing lounge.
The floor was a definite hit and we have already begun discussed the next project. Thanks LOFT®