2014 Faux Time Design Open House

***** It’s our 6th Annual Open House ******
     DATE: Friday, January, 24
     TIME: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm EST
     VENUE: The Clinton Inn, Tenafly, NJ
Come and enjoy delicious catering while previewing our 2014 specialty  and artistic finishes in a gallery setting at The Clinton Inn in Tenafly, New Jersey. We will be displaying over 400 decorative and faux finishes to touch, feel and enjoy.
…RSVP is not required, you’re welcome to drop in for a bit…or stay for awhile…whichever best suits your style. If you do…and also invite a friend or two…we’ll have something special just for you.
Additionally, this will be the launch party for our new company — Art Time Design. You know and love our work on walls and ceilings, so now is your opportunity to purchase custom and commissioned work by the Faux Time Design artists. From acrylics and oils on canvas to Loft size abstracts — you will have the opportunity to browse and purchase artwork at the Open House.
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